Surely ever happened to accidentally swallow the mastic gum. You have probably wondered whether it is healthy and can anything happen to you? Does it really would take 7 years to pass through your digestive system? Are mastic can really wrap around the heart and stomach?


Do not worry, because all these enumerated “dangers” are just myths. It is true that part of the gum comprises resin, fats, emulsifiers and wax that are not digestible ingredients, but human throughout life and many other eating indigestible things, but stomach still deal with it. Remanufacture parts of gum will simply push through your digestive system until the end literally out of the body.

However, if in the short time you swallow chewing some, it may occur some problems because the digestive system could not so quick to perform pushing and may cause blockage of the process of digestion. It most often occurs in children, and in such cases requiring medical intervention. Fortunately, it rarely happens, so next time you accidentally swallow your gum in reality or a dream, do not worry – the digestive system will take care of everything.