If You Touch The Roof Of Your Mouth With Your Tongue And Breathe, This Happens To Your Body!


People want to keep their bodies healthy so they spend too much money on organic foods, smoothies, vitamins and minerals. However, most of the time they forget that good night sleep is also essential for our body to stay healthy.

In order to stay healthy, people need to sleep at least 6 to 8 hours during the night. As you can see, it is extremely important to fall asleep quickly and naturally in order to get the needed amount of sleep.

Sadly, not everyone is able to fall asleep quickly, so they toss and turn in their bed for hours at night. Don’t worry if you are in this situation since millions of people in America fail to get enough sleep each night. In many cases, people tend to solve their sleeping problem by taking different medications, melatonin, alcohol, milk, warm baths, etc. Unfortunately, sometimes these solutions are not effective.

As a result, we will present you the most amazing method which will help you fall asleep in just a few seconds. It is known as the   “4-7-8” and is a breathing technique. People all around the world say it has helped them to fall asleep faster. It can be done anytime, anyplace and is really simple.

This is how to do it:

First you need to place your tongue against your mouth roof. Make sure to place it right against the area of tissue that is located just behind the upper front teeth. Hold the tongue in this position throughout the whole exercise.

Once your tongue is in this position, you need to exhale all the way out and completely through your mouth, pushing out the air with a whoosh sound.

After that, close your mouth and inhale through your nose for a count of four without making a sound.

Hold your breath in for a count to seven.

Exhale through your mouth making a whoosh sound again for a count of 8 seconds.

This is just one breath cycle, but you need to repeat the process for three more cycles in order to make a full of 4 breaths.

Make sure to exhale all the time through your mouth. According to some people, pursing your lips slightly can help you. Try to practice it twice daily.

This method not only helps you to fall asleep quickly, but it also relieves tension, stress, upsetting events and sleeplessness.

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