British organization Fast Food Menu Price (FFMP) conducted its own research on what happens in the body after you complete a 509-calorie hamburger. The conclusion is that within hours after consumption, the body goes through several turbulent phases.



In the first 20 minutes, coming in significantly increased levels of blood sugar, and salt in the body. High levels of sugar and salt is a combination that is sufficient to make a mess, causing strong dependence and increased thirst. In the long run, these two ingredients can lead to obesity, diabetes and heart disease, warn FFMP.

After 30 minutes of nakrkate, there are symptoms similar to those of dehydration. The high salt content in hamburger (up to 970 milligrams) complicates the work of the kidney, hardly manages to deal with excessive intake. The heart begins to work with accelerated rhythm, which in turn increases the risk of hypertension and certain heart diseases.

At least you are full, right? Not really. After 40 minutes, usually is a new episode of famine. Then is when the body and brain are faced with high levels of sugar and fat, leading to a rise in insulin and an even greater need for food.

An hour later, it starts slow digestion in the body. Normally, the food is boiled for 24 to 72 hours, but due to far greater amount of fat burger, in this case it takes a lot longer. The findings of Fast Food Menu Price suggested that this process can take up to 3 days, as is the case with burgers like “Big Mac.” To digest transmasnite acids, however, it takes about 51 days.

Research infuriated company “McDonald’s”, that the findings of the FFMP dubbed “untrue” and “shameful”.


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