Cell phones are being used today now more than ever, and it has resulted in people becoming less personal, lazier, and even loosing sleep. People are incredibly connected to their phones, that it seems like they are even able to put their well being aside to be on their phones. Here is why you should find a better way to fall asleep at night…

Perfect for disrupting sleep.

With all the different features on your phone it is almost guaranteed to keep you engaged, whether it’s scrolling through social media, playing the latest addictive game, or just finishing up some work, it is quite difficult to disengage yourself. This could result in you being unable to relax fully, and calm your mind enough to achieve deep sleep.

The bright blue light.

The bright shining light emitted from your phone is actually telling your mind to stay awake. It lowers the production of melatonin in your body, which decreases your bodies ability to fall asleep. Experiencing these effects long term have been linked to certain cancers, cardiac problems, and immune system disorders.

Need for natural darkness.

Your body needs natural darkness to properly protect itself, and keep regular sleeping patterns. The presence of light tells our body to wake up, so it is important that you have the notifications on your phone turned off, so it is ensured that your sleep will not be disrupted. Try reading a book, drawing a picture, or writing a story as easy ways to calm your mind before going to bed.