It probably never occurred to them to eat a banana peel, frankly our country.

However, nutritionists say that we were not aware of the bark healthy and nutritious.

For example, in India, years eat the banana.


While inside the banana is soft and sweet, the crust is firm and less bitter, so it is understandable why we eat. However, we throw jump and important nutrients.

Banana peel is rich in vitamins B6 and B12, and magnesium and potassium. The inside of the banana also contains these elements, but significantly lesser extent.

Here contains many vitamins in a banana osnos the daily needs of the body.

12 percent of daily needs for fiber, which help digestion and reduce the risk of diabetes.

17 percent daily requirement for vitamin C, which is an important factor in maintaining the immune system.

20 percent daily requirement for vitamin B6, which helps the body to turn food into energy.

12 percent daily requirement for potassium, which is important for the development of new cells in the organism.

8 percent daily requirement for magnesium, it is important for the regulation of glucose and blood pressure.

Banana peel is thinner if the banana mature, and then becomes sweeter and easier to process and digest. If that’s not enough it can be baked, and then if we are not happy with the taste, you can make other useful things.


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