Many medical studies have shown that the sun’s rays are good, but also many drawbacks.

Skin that is exposed to the sun without any protection or too low protection factor age twice as fast. As a result, there are wrinkles, burns, hyperpigmentation (brown spots on the skin) and similar complications.

In order for your body to be as ready and resilient in a period of strong solar radiation and humidity, needs a proper diet containing vitamins C and E. They are in fact, allow your body to darken, or prevent sunburn, sunstroke and negative phenomena that are often appear with improper care. Foods containing necessary vitamins are all kinds of vegetables, lettuce, leafy greens, Swiss chard, spinach, then fruit and water.

Harmful UV rays can cause headaches, sunburn, and often dehydration. Therefore, it is very important to regularly consume enough fluids, take a shower several times a day, do not drink coffee, alcoholic beverages or hot tea. Such foods and drinks raise body energy and the body in such a way bad. What is the body weaker, the greater his problem is the UV rays. If you use a cream with a sufficiently high SPF, do not have to be afraid of negative and dangerous side effects.

Recipe for sunscreen


1/2 cup organic almond or olive oil

1/4 cup organic virgin coconut oil

1/4 cup beeswax – it gives the density, but may be omitted

2 tablespoons powder zinc oxide


The jar of 500 ml Put all the ingredients except the zinc oxide is put in a pot with water that is slowly heated. Stir occasionally. After all ingredients are dissolved, remove from heat and slowly add zinc oxide. Be careful not to inhale its particles. After cooling sunscreen is ready for use.

Otherwise, the zinc oxide is non-toxic mineral that does not enter the bloodstream but behaves like a mirror – refuses harmful solar radiation and is the main ingredient of mineral sunscreen. Half of coconut oil can replace cocoa butter, cream to give a great scent.