It is simple – None or all.

Why? How?
Probably due to the influence of the environment, we are often led to think that a certain form or type of food may not thicken. Yes, the fact is that if you consume mostly fast food and are inactive easier to bring in a number of clothing plus.

But it is crucial fact that one type of food may not thicken? Absolutely not.

The body works on a slightly different mechanism. Will ascending, maintain or reduce weight depends on a simple formula – calories you consume versus what you spend / body utilized for a particular purpose. So. If you consume more calories than you consume in a single day, it’s just – the body will be compiled excess energy and store it as subcutaneous fat. If the end of the day, “physical calculator” calculate what day you consumed through food, + what basal metabolism uses to perform basic bodily functions + what you have spent (through some kind of physical activity) enter the caloric deficit and decrease body fat / kg.

Also a major factor is the influence of the parents because such a generally accepted opinion (this is from personal experience). “Do not eat bread and rice”; “Peanuts are very greasy and fattening”; “Eat more fruit, it is healthy and not fattening” etc … (surely you remember you a pearl of your parents in this style).


There is no single type of food that contributes to weight gain, obesity or popularly said. Of course, I repeat that certain foods (such as junk food, sweet, soft drinks and alcohol) because of their density and calorific content of empty calories (sugars) can contribute to faster process takes place. But at the end of the day what is decisive is the short formula that mentioned above – calories consumed versus calories consumed.
Consume a variety of foods (note it is fresh, full-length protein food origin, complex carbohydrates and healthy fats), including some of your favorite “forbidden” meal. But, make sure you have the caloric expenditure through physical activity “physical calculator” to work for you, not against you.


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