Why Hunza People Live Over 100 Years And Do Not Know About Cancer? THE SECRET IS IN …

Almost everyone in the world are exposed on risk to be attacked from the most terrible disease, cancer. This is not case with people who live in Hunza, Pakistan. It seems that they found the way to avoid the attack of this disease. In way of view trough Dr. Ernest Kerbs, cancer is a result to poor diet.

Trough the last researches Hanza people, have never been attacked by diseases like cancer, diabetes or heart attack.

They prefer the codex ‘’Eat to live, not live to eat.’’

hey got plenty of exercise and physical activity because they were nomads and herders. Probably the most interesting fact about them is that they condumes a gread amounts of apricot seeds rich with Laetrile or vitamin B17.

The secret for living so long is in vitamin B17. They consume 250 till 3 000 milligrams of vitamin B17 per day. Those who have more apricots trees are considered richer because dry apricot seeds are special foods that contain vitamin B17.

The ingredients of B17 are one molecule benzaldehyde, one molecule hydrogen cyanide and two molecules of glucose. They have to connect with special enzyme beta-glucosidase with purpose to liberate the benzaldehyde and cyanide. For instance, in order to develop, the cancer cells need large amounts of energy or glucose. With the intake of vitamin B12, cancer cells absorb glucose molecule of vitamin B17.

Recommended daily dose

For prevention, the recommended daily dose is 5 to 7 seeds. If you are a cancer patients, you’ll have to consume1-2 seeds every hour, but no more than 35 seeds per day. The result which you will get when you devide the weight by three, it shows the maximum of apricot seeds that you need to consume in a day.

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