What is Hypothyroidism?
It is a condition where your thyroid gland will be weakened. Since the thyroid gland is the one that controls your body and activity level or your energy can cause lethargy, apathy some kind of crisis in your willingness or energy body.

Usually they have people in the middle years of life and older women. The reasons for this are not yet toachno examined, most studies argue that affect multiple factors including the neredvonata diet and age.
Hashimoto’s disease is the most common cause of getting hypothyroidism, it is a disease that attacks your immune system attacks the gland tiruidnata. The main reasons are mostly poor diet and stress.
To remove this problem fast can help doctor to restrain thyroid and symptoms settle down.

Symptoms usually different in humans so it is best to treat with vitamins or essential oils to relax the central nervous system

Fatigue: Lemon, grapefruit, cinnamon
Increased sensitivity to cold: Cinnamon ginger or cardamom
Muscle weakness: natural lemon juice
Muscle pain or inflammation: Lavender, lemon and rosemary
Depression: Essential oils
Impaired memory: cinnamon, cardamom
Geranium leaves – can help hypothyroidism helping the overall balance of hormones. Use essential in the bathroom (15 drops) or milk to massage one drop per tablespoon.