Varicose veins is a very common problem among people nowadays and the reason for it can be of different type. It is an unpleasant and irritating condition which makes people feel bad. Fortunately, people have invented natural solutions which can be easily prepared at home, and which are highly effective in the process of curing varicose veins. Try the following methods:


  • Method 1– all you need for this method are several fresh tomatoes. Just cut them in little pieces and apply on the wanted area. Let them act for 5 minutes and wash them off with warm water. At the end, apply some moisturizer on the treated skin. Make sure you use fresh tomatoes. So the treatment in a period of 2 weeks.
  • Method 2– treat the affected area with some apple cider vinegar three times during the day, for one month. Be careful not to touch your sensitive skin areas with the apple cider vinegar since it may irritate it.