This Brutally Honest 4-Step Guide to Weight Loss Has Gone Absolutely Viral!

Aaron Bleyaert managed to lose 80 lbs so he decided to share his experience with the world on his Tumblr blog and, since then on, the story has been spreading like wildfire. During the last couple of years, Aaron has been focused on getting into shape and losing unwanted pounds. A lot of people are curious to as how he did it, so he decided to create a step by step guideline on how he achieved these unbelievable results.

Take a look:


  • Avoid beer

Although beer is a delicious drink and a lot of people’s favorite, as well as an excellent opportunity to meet up with friends, it seriously poses a threat to your body figure. Did you know that one beer equals seven bread slices?


  • No fruit juices

Avoid fruit juices as they are filled with sugar.


  • Control your portions

Begin your meal by eating lean meats and veggies. For example, when you are out for dinner at a restaurant, immediately put half of your ordered meal in a takeout container so that you can eat it at home later. This is a great way to control your portions.


  • Go to the gym

Regardless of how many pounds you manage to lose with changes in your diet, your body won’t be toned and fit if you are physically inactive. Moreover, run or walk couple of times per week, and go to the gym to boosts the effects.


When you are at the gym, do different exercises and always begin with moderate expectations and gradually raise your goals as you get better.


Moreover, read a lot about exercising and always try out new and different workout regimes and study the different muscle groups. Additionally, as you exercise, you will focus more on healthier foods, so why not plan your week’s menu in advance?

As time goes by, your body will undergo significant, positive changes and this will influence your entire life. Prepare for new clothes!

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