Many try to eat as they should, some to take down several kilos which placed during the holidays, some have to sit on the beach in summer. Eating the right food is quite difficult, so many people give up quickly bore them and drop out. Here are some key points that will help you eat properly


1.Set goals
Set goals – starting from it have clear and realistic goals. Write them on a sheet of things you want to change in your diet. Also write down goals that you want to have, regardless of how you look and therefore modify your diet. It is best to lay the immediate, short- and long-term goals. If samples are once you do, you may get a lot and quit soon. Achieve a single goal gradually, one by one day, this is not a race. You can also write down the reasons why you want to change your eating habits. You can share your goals with others that you think will help you achieve them. You can set your goals (refrigerator, work) to motivate you more. As we achieve objectives redraw them. This will give you the feeling that you have achieved something, and you’re even more excited to get the next goal.


2.Be realistic EXPECTATIONS
Each diet should work for you, not against you. You need to be realistic when you set the parameters of the diet. The plan should work for you and your current situation. It should be suitable for your schedule and budget. If you follow your budget, your spending on food will be very high and will have to resign from the diet that you prepare. If you cook according to your schedule and according to the time when you can eat, you are in a situation without food and demanding adequate “healthy” substitute. So be realistic with time, and give yourself extra time to prepare food early. You should also know that obstacles will arise in the way from time to time to slow down your progress, so do not think that will be easy and so it will happen. This requires serious work.

Make a list of your favorite healthy foods that you enjoy, and what types of food can bring to work, in the car, at school, etc.. You can create different menus, where you’re in that part of the day when you eat certain foods. Do not look for excuses when to have your meals. Always have healthy foods on hand. If you do not, otherwise it will eat you first find whether it would be something cute, fast food or something. This may overturn the tape and make a habit of eating fast food alternatives. Know where you’re at that time of day when you are free to cook, shop and plan gradually. When you fail to plan, you plan to fail.

4.Moderation is key to success
Many people are constants when it comes to diet, but there is much of that neglect this important element. Take a cloth and stick to it. Try to eat at the same time every day, and the same volume of calorie meals. Your body will recognize this way will speed up your metabolism and energy levels will be high. You will feel better and you will enter into a healthy routine. It’s easy to sabotage themselves taking something good only for failing to control the current emotional crises. The time you spend in planning and consistency is a real long-term investment and will serve until the end of life.

Of course, even the best diet ever lets down. Sometimes your eating routines should be changed. When you can, try to plan ahead and predict those events where you’re about to take food so you can eat when you’re in a hurry. For example – packages almonds, protein bars and shakes, fresh fruit. Also Educate yourself about nutrition through the Internet, books and magazines. With this knowledge you can learn and improvise to find out which foods can be properly inserted in your diet, such as when you’re out with friends or do not have time to cook. Find products consuming less time to eat, so you can take them when you are in a hurry.

6.Do not be too strict on itself
Do not be too strict with yourself – nobody is perfect all the time. If something mix, miss a few meals or have a few bad days, just refrain and continue. You do this to yourself, and additional stress of not experiencing the expected instant results can lead to long-term failure in your diet. To stay healthy and eat healthy does not mean you can not enjoy occasional food that is not in your diet – on the contrary.

7.Stick to your plan
Stick to your plan – it takes time to gain healthy habits. After a month of eating constantly, you create a habit. You will realize that all have bad days from time to time and it will be a normal part of life.

Eating proper food requires dedication, effort and sacrifice. Do not get nervous because of the small bumps in the road. You have the power to turn any negative into positive, and you have the choice to look favorably on each event independently as it looks. Find fun ways to motivate. Involve your friends or family. Set challenges at home, or with friends or in the workplace to eat healthier. Give yourself time to cook new and untested recipes. Make changes for the better – and because it can not be fun.

9.GIVE praise herself
Not to dog food reward. Know that changing eating habits can be difficult for everyone. Just think how long you have had bad old habits, and understand that it can not change overnight, but it will change over time. “Congratulate your” themselves to each healthy choice you make, you deserve it. Samopofalbite build confidence and make you can feel good about the healthy choices you make, and it will keep you on the road to self-improvement.

10.Take your time – no shortcut
Do not rush – often people start with many intentions and love are again achieved. They are possessed with many things, and soon give up even before they begin. Adding small changes can really make a big difference. Work on a current job and constantly add something smaller. Before you realize, you see that you have many healthy habits that are equalized to each other to make healthy lifestyle and a healthier and happier person…….